1. Notebook on Cities and Culture podcast, S2E19:  Small Town Cop with Matt Haughey

    Colin Marshall sits down in Portland’s Slabtown with Matt Haughey, founder of MetaFilter, the most civilized community on the internet, co-founder of Fuelly, and creator of several other sites as well. They discuss his escape from San Francisco’s “goofball startup culture”; what it means for MetaFilter to be “civilized”; his desire not simply to create “a safe place for people to yell past each other”; the importance of keeping personal identity out of debates; the strange backend provided by MetaFilter’s question-and-answer service Ask MetaFilter; the second-most popular Ask MetaFilter thread of all time, Colin’s own “What in life did it take you a surprisingly long time to realize you’ve been doing wrong all along?

    I link to this not only because (unknown to me before now!) Colin Marshall’s Ask MetaFilter thread is one of my favorites ever but also because Matt Haughey is one of my topmost internet heroes.  And it’s just a great interview, drifting across many subjects with an introspective long view.

    The quote above describes MetaFilter quite well, however if you do anything *near* online communities, Matt Haughey’s experience and perspective is invaluable.  

    At least stay for the obligatory “Portlandia” jokes.