1. businessweek:

    Dinner Costs More…

    According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food and beverage costs for a typical market basket rose nearly 7 percent from January 2009 through August 2012. Cost-conscious shoppers could save money by switching from apples (11 percent more expensive) to bananas (5 percent cheaper).

    …And Most Other Stuff Cost More, Too

    Prices of televisions fell 57 percent from January 2009 through August 2012, according to the BLS, which takes quality improvements into account when calculating price changes. Filling your head with knowledge got a whole lot more expensive: College tuition jumped 19 percent; textbooks, 22 percent. Drugmakers have done well under Obama, too. Prescription prices rose 16 percent.

    I like these graphics, particularly the point of view.

    (via kiplinger)