1. Could These Start-Ups Become the Next Big Thing? -

    Here is an inherently incomplete list of companies that have the potential to be a hit — whether because they’ve seen explosive user growth, or are attracting investors or a new demographic, or just because they have an unusual idea that seems to be taking off. Of course, any of these start-ups could become the next But they could also be the next big thing.

    Imagine you are a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, and could invest in only one of these companies. Vote on which one you would choose.

    Featuring a bunch of founder photos I did not need to see, for Airtime, Dropbox, Square, Pinterest, Quora, Pinwheel, Taskrabbit, Uber, Quora and Path.

    Its’ a bit ambiguous what the voting means but if I can track down folks who know I’ll be sure to follow up with the results.  For general, bitter amusement as some sell for billions and others fade away.