1. - It's About The Hashbangs

    As you probably know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I have for a long time been an avid proponent of progressive enhancement and as many people correctly pointed out many of the arguments against hashbang URLs seemed to fold this philosophy in which clouded the issue quite a lot. In a well reasoned post, my colleague, Ben Cherry pointed this out and expressed that it wasn’t really hashbangs that were the problem and that they were merely a temporary work around until we get pushState support. As he put it, “It’s Not About The Hashbang”.

    After quite a lot of thought and some attention to some of the issues that surround web apps that use hashbang URLs I’ve come to conclusion that it most definitelyis about the hashbangs. This technique, on its own, is destructive to the web. The implementation is inappropriate, even as a temporary measure or as a downgrade experience.

    Twitter’s reversing its decisions regarding hash bangs now that pushState is better supported.  Cool.